Our Investment Process

“Buy your straw hats in the winter time.”- Bernard Baruch

We strategically allocate assets around the world and then tactically manage portfolios to exploit market extremes.

Sand Hill’s investment process is driven by a global strategic and tactical asset allocation approach
using both macroeconomic research and fundamental analysis.Investment Process

Our process follows a disciplined approach:

  • First, we conduct macroeconomic analysis to determine our global market outlook.
  • Based on this outlook, we conduct further analysis to identify those asset classes and sectors that we believe will experience long-term, secular growth on a relative and absolute basis.
  • Within each sector and asset class, our investment team then performs an extensive verification process on individual best-of-breed managers, as well as specific equity and fixed-income holdings, that we believe have superior prospects.
  • Finally, we monitor and optimize portfolios regularly, managing them with a “survival of the fittest” mentality.