Our Story

The strength and focus of ownership: We win only if you win.

Founded in 1982, Sand Hill’s cultural roots are drawn from a long‐standing, collaborative, and highly successful partnership. The firm was independently owned from its founding in 1982 until 2000, when it was acquired by a large bank holding company. Following that acquisition, the company functioned as an autonomous business unit within the bank, operating independently and under the same management as it is today. Although the larger corporate structure was highly beneficial to the underlying strength of the firm during this period, by 2007 Sand Hill’s had management launched an effort to reacquire the firm, purchasing an initial minority stake. In June 2009, the management team concluded the successful repurchase of the balance of the firm from the parent, and became fully independent again.

Returning to our cultural roots as an employee-owned company was a significant milestone in the firm’s history. We believe the partnership model links client and principal together like no other in the investment business.