Our Values

Our client-centered approach: We all sit on the same side of the table.

Sand Hill’s ultimate goal is to provide our clients with superior performance and tailored solutions that simplify their complex lives. We are guided by:

  • Our commitment to the fiduciary standard, which demands independent and objective research in the implementation of client portfolios; and
  • An open architecture that encourages intellectual honesty throughout our process and offers the options of our best‐in‐class approach to investing.

This core philosophy is deeply rooted in our culture and practices. We are constantly striving for better results within the context of a value system
committed to:


We strive to consistently achieve high standards of performance for our clients, seeking out continuous learning and improvement in our processes. Every day, we ask ourselves what we can do better.


We maintain high ethical standards, avoiding any actual or perceived conflicts of interest. We value open, honest, two-way communication. Our reputation is our business.


We are accountable for our conduct and decisions, and accept full responsibility for individual and team decisions. We are answerable for achieving results on our clients’ behalf.


We think and act beyond our own responsibilities, putting the client’s needs and goals ahead of the firm and the firm ahead of individual employee objectives. We are responsible for helping others succeed, freely sharing information and celebrating success.


We anticipate and embrace change. We are willing to challenge current practices and overcome obstacles to help our clients attain their goals.


We strive to communicate concisely and clearly, working to simplify the complexities of the investment environment. We are collegial and professional.