The Sand Hill Investment Edge

Our advantage is drawn from our ability to focus on long-term global outcomes.

Today’s investment environment is increasingly competitive and subject to the 24-hour news cycle. As a result, consensus opinion is frequently influenced by short-term events and emotions—which typically prove fleeting—but still guide the actions of many market participants. In contrast, Sand Hill’s investment edge comes from focusing on our global macro outlook and a long-term strategy that is designed to achieve the best available risk-adjusted real returns over time.

Our Long-Term View

The fundamental tenant of our investment approach is to preserve and steadily grow our clients’ asset base. Our emphasis on long-term success is complemented by our:

  • Contrarian attitude
  • Disciplined and long-term approach
  • Commitment to capitalizing on discounted opportunities as they arise in the financial markets

Our Global Allocation

Asset allocation drives the majority of portfolio returns over time. A global allocation across asset classes enables us to navigate through complicated and competitive markets. At the same time, it allows us to achieve prudent and rewarding diversification that reduces risk and volatility, and helps to smooth out returns.

Our Diversified Approach

Diversification is critical to our high-priority risk management approach. By combining multiple money managers and asset classes with our direct investment capabilities in municipal bonds and individual stocks, we strive to build portfolios that are designed to provide the best possible risk/reward outcomes and low cost/low turnover results.

Our Emphasis on Relative and Absolute Performance

We know from experience that wealthy families and established institutions are typically risk averse. Based on this understanding, we construct portfolios that are strategically focused on the right balance of capital preservation and growth assets. This allows us to manage volatility and risk at a level that is appropriate for each client.

Our Focus on Risk Before Return

Volatility is not risk. Volatility is opportunity in our investment process. Risk is the probability of being wrong and, if we are wrong, understanding the impact on our clients’ portfolios. As such, our due diligence and verification process focuses on risk mitigation first—and portfolio returns second—setting us apart from our competition.

Our Size and Scale Advantage

As a direct result of our large asset base and our established reputation as a long-term investor, we have institutional level access to some of the most well-respected managers in the country.  This access gives us the ability to actively negotiate for the lowest costs available to pass through to our clients.