We are wealth advisors, not simply money managers. We exist to help our clients achieve financially secure and fulfilling futures.

Successful wealth management requires good communication and partnership. Our focus is first and foremost on our clients’ well-being. We listen carefully and make certain we clearly understand our clients’ needs, objectives, and priorities. During our early and ongoing meetings, we acquire extensive knowledge about our clients’ circumstances, and we use this information to design, implement, and manage sophisticated investment and wealth advisory strategies to suit their unique needs.

Significant life events are often the catalyst for people and organizations to seek fresh advice and new investment solutions. Sand Hill Global Advisors has a long and successful track record of guiding our clients—both individual and institutional—through many important and sometimes difficult stages in their lives.

Sand Hill Global Advisors offers a variety of analytical and administrative services to support our wealth management capabilities, including:

  • Balance sheet preparation
  • Income and expense analysis
  • Risk assessment evaluation
  • Cash flow projections
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Asset durability testing

We also work collaboratively and closely with outside legal, accounting, and insurance professionals to properly integrate these areas into our investment strategies and plans.

Sand Hill’s services are focused on ensuring that our clients:

  • Have a clear and attainable path to follow in pursuing their financial objectives
  • Take no more risk than is necessary to attain their goals
  • Achieve their financial objectives