Why Sand Hill

  • Fiduciary Standard
  • Employee Ownership
  • Team Expertise
  • Active Investment Process
  • Financial Planning
  • Innovation
  • Scale
  • Stability and Recognition

The Fiduciary Standard

We are committed to the fiduciary standard, independence and objectivity in our research and in the implementation of client portfolios. We do not syndicate any product, nor do we sell or receive compensation for the placement of any product. We embrace an open‐architecture, best‐in‐class approach to investing, and emphasize overall cost‐effectiveness. Our ultimate objective is to provide our clients with the best possible risk‐adjusted performance over time and net of fees.

We are Employee-Owned

We believe the partnership model links client and principal together like no other in the investment business. As a result, there is wide ownership in the firm, and principals have a significant amount of their future net worth tied to the business. We want clients to know that we are successful only if they are.

Team Expertise

We execute our philosophy with careful, insightful, team‐based analysis. This approach maximizes Sand Hill’s full range of experience and areas of specialization, and at the same time provides simple checks and cross‐checks. The level of knowledge and experience we require from each of our team members allows us to offer our high-touch client service orientation and commitment to every level of the client relationship.

Active Investment Process

Institutional quality asset allocation and investment process sets Sand Hill Global Advisors apart from the competition. Our active risk management and self-imposed mandate to rebalance against extremes have been critical to our success, supporting our belief that a disciplined process—centered on strategic and tactical asset allocation—is the right approach.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

The Financial Planning process requires a thorough understanding of the complexities of the client’s financial picture. First and foremost, we listen. Our ability to tailor a solution depends on having a clear picture of our clients’ personal and financial circumstances, along with their risk tolerance. Our planning and ongoing management is consistently monitored through reports, conversations, and meetings to ensure that we stay on track with our clients’ goals.

Creative Innovation

Sand Hill fosters innovation at all levels of the firm. Our focus on customized solutions demands a mindset that is constantly seeking meaningful high-quality offerings and resources to meet the unique needs, interests, and goals of our client base. We frequently expand our team to include our clients’ accounting and legal representatives—in a sense, acting as a personal CFO—helping clients streamline and simplify the complexities of their financial life.

The Advantage of Scale

The size of Sand Hill Global Advisors gives us preferred access to investment managers. We actively negotiate for the lowest cost available to pass through to our clients, which often enables us to obtain significant discounts.

Stability and Recognition

Sand Hill Global Advisors has earned its distinguished reputation over more than three decades of solid and untarnished business practices. Our minimal client turnover—and consistent recognition by national and Bay Area organizations and publications—exemplifies Sand Hill’s solid foundation.